February 2023 Schedule for External Lab Exams for JNTUK MBA/MCA 1st and 5th Semesters

Important Notice: MBA and MCA External Lab Exams Schedule for Regular/Supplementary Feb.2023 Students

February 2023 Schedule for External Lab Exams for JNTUK MBA/MCA 1st and 5th Semesters

Attention to all Principals of affiliated colleges! Please be informed that the Laboratory external examinations for MBA – I Sem and MCA – I & V Semester Regular/Supplementary Feb.2023 students will occur from March 1, 2023, to March 12, 2023.

These exams should be conducted with minimal disturbance to the external (Theory) examinations. The reports/OMR sheets for the above Laboratory exams must be submitted in person to the CE office on March 20, 2023 (Monday) and March 21, 2023 (Tuesday).


As the above schedule is for the external lab exams, all affiliated colleges must ensure the smooth and efficient conduct of the exams. Any inconveniences caused to the students must be avoided, and proper facilities and equipment should be provided during the exams.

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The reports and OMR sheets of the exams must be submitted within the specified timeline without fail. Delayed submissions or incomplete reports may result in unwanted consequences, so strictly adhering to the schedule is important.

In conclusion, all principals of affiliated colleges are requested to make necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of the exams and adhere to the schedule and guidelines provided. This will help ensure the fairness and accuracy of the exams and facilitate the smooth functioning of academic activities.


1. What are external lab exams in JNTUK?
A. External lab exams in JNTUK are practical exams conducted for various courses in collaboration with external institutions or organizations to ensure students gain hands-on experience and skills required in their respective fields.


2. When are external lab exams conducted in JNTUK?
A. External lab exams in JNTUK are typically conducted at the end of each semester, along with regular theory exams.

3. How are external lab exams in JNTUK conducted?
A. External lab exams in JNTUK are conducted at designated centers, usually off-campus, where students must perform experiments, tests, or practical exercises related to their coursework. The exams are usually conducted under the supervision of external examiners, who evaluate students’ performance and provide grades accordingly.

4. What are the passing criteria for external lab exams in JNTUK?
A. The passing criteria for external lab exams in JNTUK vary from course to course, but typically students are required to score a minimum of 40% marks to pass the exam. However, students are advised to check the specific passing criteria for their respective courses.





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