JNTUA B.Tech Academic Calendars for 1-1 and 1-2 Semesters for 2022-23 AY

Academic Calendars for B.Tech 1-1 and 1-2 Semesters for 2022-23 AY at JNTUA

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Stay organized and on top of your studies with the JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 and 1-2 Semester Academic Calendars for 2022-23 AY. These calendars provide important dates and information for the first and second semesters of your first year at JNTU Anantapur. Make sure to download and refer to these calendars to stay up to date with exams, deadlines, and other events. Keep your academic journey on track with the help of these helpful resources.

JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Semester Academic Calendar for AY 2022-23

Event Dates
Induction Program (Zero Semester) 26-09-2022 to 15-10-2022
I Spell of Instructions 17-10-2022 to 10-12-2022
I Mid-Term Examinations 12-12-2022 to 14-12-2022
II Spell of Instructions 15-12-2022 to 01-02-2023
II Mid-Term Examinations 02-02-2023 to 04-02-2023
End Laboratory Examinations 05-02-2023 to 12-02-2023
End Theory Examinations 13-02-2023 to 18-02-2023
Commencement of Class work 20-02-2023
Declaration of Results for I-I 15-03-2023


JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Semester Academic Calendar for AY 2022-23

Event Dates
I Spell of Instructions 20-02-2023 to 15-04-2023
I Mid-Term Examinations 17-04-2023 to 19-04-2023
I Spell of Instructions (continued) 20-04-2023 to 29-04-2023
Summer Vacation 30-04-2023 to 28-05-2023
II Spell of Instructions 29-04-2023 to 12-07-2023
II Mid-Term Examinations 13-07-2023 to 15-07-2023
End Laboratory Examinations 17-07-2023 to 22-07-2023
End Theory Examinations 24-07-2023 to 29-07-2023
Commencement of Class work 31-07-2023
Declaration of Results for I-II 23-08-2023


2-1 and 2-2 Semester Academic Calendars

3-1 and 3-2 Semester Academic Calendars

4-1 and 4-2 Semester Academic Calendars

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