JNTUK R20 2-2 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Material | Full Notes PDF Download

JNTUK R20 2-2 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Material PDF Download

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Students studying JNTUK R20 Civil Branch, Can Download Unit wise R20 2-2 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery (H&HM) Material/Notes PDFs below.

JNTUK R20 2-2 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Material | Full Notes PDF Download
JNTUK R20 2-2 Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Material | Full Notes PDF Download


  • Study non-uniform and uniform flows in an open channel and as well to understand the properties of hydraulic jumps
  • In this article, we will introduce dimensional analysis to fluid flow issues
  • To comprehend the working principles of the various Hydraulic Pumps and machines.

UNIFORM FELLOWS In OPEN channel: Types of channels -Types of flow – Velocity distribution energy and momentum correction factors Chezy’s and Manning’s formulae to create uniform flow. – The most economical sections Critical flow Specific energy-critical depth Calculation of critical depth

Unit-1 PDF Material Download

non-uniform flows in OPEN channels: Steady Gradually Varied flow dynamic equation. Mild. Critical, steep vertical and adverse slopes-surface profiles-direct steps method- Rapidly variable flow, hydraulic jumps, and energy dissipation.

Unit-2 Materials PDF Download

HYDRAULIC SIMILITUDE: Dimensional analysis-Rayleigh’s method and Buckingham’s pi theorem-study of Hydraulic models – Geometric, kinematic, and dynamic similarities-dimensionless numbers – model and prototype relations.

Unit-3 PDF Material Download

THE BASICS OF TURBOMACHINERY: Hydrodynamic force of jets acting on stationary and moving flat, inclined, and curving vanes with a central plane as well as at the tip, speed triangles at the outlet and inlet as well as expressions for work done and efficiency-Angular principles of momentum.

Unit-4 PDF Material Download

HYDRAULIC Turbines I The layout of a typical Hydropower installation Heads and Efficacy – the classification of turbines. Pelton wheel Francis turbine Kaplan turbine Working, working ratios and velocity diagrams working, efficiency and work and hydraulic design. Draft tube theoretical and efficient. They govern turbine-surge tanks-unit and specific quantities, selection of turbines, performance characteristics-geometric similarity-cavitation.
CENTRAIFUGAL-PUMPS: Pump installation details-classification-work has done- Manometric head-minimum starting speed-losses and efficiencies-specific speed, multistage pumps-pumps in parallel and series – performance of pumps-characteristic curves- NPSH- Cavitation.
RECIPROCATING PUMPS: Introduction, classification, components, working, discharge, indicator diagram, work done, and slip.

Unit-5 PDF Material Download

Text Books:

  1. Open Channel flow, K. Subramanya, Tata McGraw HillPublishers
  2. Hydraulic machines and fluid mechanics, Rajput, A.K(2018) , S Chand ,NewDelhi
  3. Fluid Mechanics, Modi and Seth, Standard bookhouse.


  1. Fluid Flux within Pipes as well as Channels, G.L. Asawa, C.B.S.
  2. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, C.S.P. OJHA, R. BERNDTSSON, and P.N. Chandramouli, Oxford Higher Education.
  3. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Md. Kaleem Khan. Oxford Higher Education.
  4. Fluid mechanics, Hydraulic equipment, R.K. Bansal, Laxmi publications, New Delhi.


  1. Find solutions to nonuniform and homogeneous flow issues in open channels.
  2. Use the fundamentals of similitude and dimensional analysis in the hydraulic model testing process.
  3. Know the working principles behind various pumps and hydraulic equipment

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