Apply Ration Card Online Telangana

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Apply Ration Card Online Telangana: Recently, the Telangana state government announced the issuance of Praja Palana applications for six guaranteed schemes to its people from 28 December to 6 January 2024, and not only that, people can also apply for ration cards during this period.

Apply Ration Card Online Telangana

To improve efficiency and transparency, the Congress-led government in Telangana is actively facilitating the issuance of new ration cards. Minister Shreedhar Babu has clarified many issues in this regard. From 28 December, Gram Sabhas, with the support of local communities, will be responsible for providing guaranteed services in six categories, and the ration card plays a vital role in accessing these benefits and services.

As stated by Minister Shreedhar Babu, applications for new ration cards will be accepted starting 28 December, and eligible candidates can submit their applications promptly for accurate data collection.

White Telangana ration card for the poor

Telangana Congress government has taken a step to issue white ration card for the poor people, if you
want to be a white ration card holder, just submit the application along with all the necessary documents to your nearest
to your nearest Meeseva Centre.



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Telangana ration card benefits

  1. For a white ration card holder, people can get food cheaply.
  2. Food security for economically backward families.
  3. Priority in government schemes
  4. Education and health benefits and more


Apply Ration Card Online Telangana
Apply Ration Card Online Telangana


Telangana ration card application procedure

  • Visit the official MeeSeva website at or visit your nearest MeeSeva
    nearest MeeSeva centre.
  • Navigate to the MeeSeva Service Forms under the Civil Supplies Department option and click on
    “New Food Security Card Application”. OR use the following link to download the application
    form: Click here
  • Print out the application form
  • Fill in the form with necessary details such as your name, age, gender, father’s name, address, mobile number, qualifications, district, region, family members, total income, etc,
    mobile number, qualifications, district, region, family members, total family income, etc.
  • Gather the required documents, such as a copy of the original proof of residence, an Aadhaar card and a passport-size photograph,
    and a passport-size photograph.
  • Take the completed application form and required documents to the nearest MeeSeva
  • Submit the application form and the prescribed fee to the MeeSeva Centre.
  • Take an acknowledgement slip for future reference.
    Following these simple steps, you can easily apply for a Telangana Ration Card.

How to fill the Telangana ration card form

Step 1:

  • Head of household details
  • Card type: Select the appropriate type from APL (Above the Poverty Line), BPL (Below the Poverty
    Line), AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) or AAP.
  • EID (Electronic ID): Fill in the Electronic ID. It is a proof of identity.
  • Name of the head of the family, mother’s name, father’s name, gender, spouse’s name and date of birth.
    DOB: Fill in all the details correctly.

Step 2:

  • Professional details
  • Occupation: Enter your occupation, for example, a teacher or a farmer.
  • Annual income: Enter your annual income; refer to your payslip.

Step 3:

  • Gas connection details
  • Gas connection status: It may be, “Deepam” is a term commonly used to describe Liquefied Petroleum
    (LPG) or cooking gas in certain regions. The selection of ‘Deepam’ indicates that the
    household has a gas connection for cooking. “No cylinder’ means that the family does not have a gas cylinder.
    It does not currently have a gas cylinder. “Double” means the family has two cylinders for its gas connection.
    As part of its gas connection. “Single’ implies that the home has a single cylinder as part of its gas
    cylinder as part of its gas connection.
  • Gas company name: Enter the name of the gas company. You can contact your gas supplier to find out the company name.
    Company name.
  • Customer number: Enter the customer number. It will be in your gas account book.

Step 4:

  • Residential addresses like
  • Door No: Check with Gram Panchayat to know the door number.
  • District, Village / Ward and FP Shop No: Enter the correct details.


Step 5:

  • Permanent Address: Fill in your permanent address; the place you live will be your permanent address.
    permanent address
  • Door No, District, Village / Ward: Fill in the correct details.

Step 6:

  • Add member details
  • If you have other family members, select YES and enter their details. Such as
    Member Name, Gender, DOB, Mother Name, Father Name, Spouse Name, Age,
    Relationship to the head of the family, EID, UID, which you can find in the Aadhaar card, and
    Select True/False if you want to pick up goods: True if you wish to receive or collect the allotted
    commodities or goods through a specified distribution system. False if otherwise.

Step 7:

  • Other details
  • Old Ration Card Number: Enter your old ration card number if applicable.

Step 8:

  • Informant details (usually for office work)
  • Informant’s name, type of delivery and proof: Check with the officer for details.

Step 9:

  • Upload documents
  • Upload the required documents (Meeseva application form, proof document, photo).

Step 10:

  • Applicant’s signature
  • Sign the form where indicated.

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