Construction Technology and Project Management Notes JNTU

JNTUK R20 3-1 CTM Material/Notes PDF Download

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Construction Technology and Project Management Notes JNTU : 

Students studying JNTUK Civil Branch can download Unit wise R20 3-1 Construction Technology PDF Notes.


  • Construction technology and management concept, including monitoring and network drawing, is presented to the student.
  • To present the different equipment used in construction, such as earth moving equipment, trucks, handling equipment, aggregate production, construction equipment and machinery.
  • To emphasize the importance of safety when working on construction projects.


Project management in construction and its relevance – qualities of a manager – project planning, coordination & scheduling – monitoring bar charts milestone charts – critical path method

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF |  Reference-2


Evaluation and review of the project – cost analysis – updating – crashing to optimum cost ­ crashing to optimum resources – allocation of resources introduction software for construction management, or the equivalent.

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF |  Reference-2


Construction equipment – economic considerations – earthwork equipment. Trucks and handling equipment. Rear dump trucks. The capacity of trucks and truck production. Compaction equipment. Types of compaction rollers. Hoisting equipment and earthwork equipment.

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF |  Reference-2


Concrete mixers, concrete mixing equipment, batching plants, mobile plants such as “Ajax”, etc. I was mixing and placing concrete, consolidating and finishing.

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF |  Reference-2


Methods of construction – earthwork, piling, placing concrete – formwork – fabrication and erection. Quality control and safety engineering. BIM for Civil Engineers (Building Information Modelling).

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF | Reference-2


  1. “Construction Planning Equipment and Methods” by Peurifoy, Schexnayder and Tata McGraw Hill
  2. “Construction Project Management Theory and Practice” by Kumar Neeraj Jha (2011) Pearson.
  3. “Construction Technology” by Subir K. Sharma and Subhajit Sarasvati. Oxford University Press


  1. “Construction Project Management- An Integrated Approach” by Peter Fewings, Taylor and Francis
  2. Trefor Williams, Cengage Learning.


  • Recognize the importance of planning for construction
  • Learn about the operation of different earth-moving equipment
  • Learn the production methods for aggregate products and concrete
  • Use the knowledge gained to improve your project management skills and construction techniques


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