Dunki: Day 1 Box Office Collection Revealed! Explore Cast, Crew, Budget & Storyline

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The King in Dunki is hitting theaters on December 21, 2023! Known for his spot-on performances, expectations are soaring high. Industry buzz hints at a Day 1 Box Office Collection of approximately ₹15 Crores. Get your popcorn ready for this royal treat.

Dunki Box Office Collection

Dunkin’s box office takings! Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, is on a winning streak with four back-to-back hits this year.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Day 1 (December 21, 2023): Raked in a cool ₹15 crore
  • Day 2 (December 22, 2023): Added ₹13 crore, making a total of ₹28 crore

Dunki Movie Release Date India 

There was a buzz that the movie might hit screens in 2024, but Shah Rukh Khan put those rumors to rest at a recent Jawan news conference. Mark your calendars—on December 21, the film directed by Rajkumar Hirani is set to hit the theaters.
They’re rolling out six drops to amp up excitement for the movie. So far, they’ve launched the trailer, two teasers, and a companion video as part of these drops. Two more commercial videos are still in the wings, adding to the anticipation.


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Dunki Movie Cast & Crew

In Dunki, Shah Rukh Khan takes on the role of Hardayal “Hardy” Singh Dhillon. Taapsee Pannu joins the movie as Hardy’s friend and crush, Manu.

But wait, there’s more to the star-studded lineup! Vicky Kaushal enters the picture as Sukhi, one of Hardy’s pals. And here’s the cast rundown:


Actor Character
Shah Rukh Khan Hardayal “Hardy” Singh Dhillon
Taapsee Pannu Manu
Vicky Kaushal Sukhi
Boman Irani Gulati
Vikram Kochhar Buggu Lakhanpal
Anil Grover Balli Dharmendra
Dia Mirza
Rahkshit Sahni
Satish Shah
Jyoti Subhash Buggu’s grandma

Dunki Movie Budget 

Dunkin’s budget! The total cost of making the movie is around Rs 85 crores. But hold on, that’s not all—when you factor in the print and advertising expenses, it climbs to an estimated Rs 120 crores.
The production cost Rs 85 crores to break down, while the promotional bits added up to Rs 35 crores. That makes the whole shebang, from show to promotion, hit the Rs 120 crore mark. That’s a lot of moolah spent to bring Dunki to life on the big screen.


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Dunki Movie Story Line

The movie spins around an unusual duo from a specific Punjabi town, both dreaming of moving to England. The catch? Neither has a plane ticket nor a visa to step into the country.
Enter “Donkey Flying,” a shady route for illegal entry into countries like the UK, Canada, and the US. Hardy, our protagonist, promises to tag along to help them reach their dream destination.
The tale unfolds as these pals sneak into Britain and their journey to find their way back home. They join the ranks of ‘dunks,’ folks who travel across borders illegally, all in pursuit of a new life beyond their homeland. It’s a story of their daring adventure through unauthorized paths and their quest to return home.

Dunki Location 

The film’s shooting took place in various spots. Mumbai was the primary location, while Vienna and Paris hosted the second leg of filming. Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah and Neom, set the stage for a 12-day shoot.
Moving on, the team spent a week filming in Jabalpur, the state’s capital. Then, I had a four-day stint in stunning locations like Sonamarg, Srinagar, Pampore, Thajwas Glacier, and Pulwama, all in Kashmir. They even recorded a song segment in the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir.

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