Engineering Drawing Material | Notes pdf Download | JNTUK R20 1-1

JNTUK RU20 1-1 Engineering Drawing Material/Notes Pdf Download

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Students studying JNTUK ECE, EEE, and Mech Branches can download Unitwise R20 1-1 Engineering Drawing Materials/Notes PDFs.


  • Engineering drawing is the primary method of communication for engineers. The objective of this course is to teach students how to construct various types of polygons, curves, and scales. Visualizing and representing 3D objects in 2D planes is also essential using proper dimensioning, scaling, etc.

The objective Is to teach students how to use drawing tools and draw polygons. Curves. Polygons: Construct regular, polygonal polygons using general methods. Inscribing and describing polygons on circles. Curves: Parabola and Ellipse, Hyperbola using general and specific techniques, cycloids, and involutes for the turns. Scales: Vernier, vernier, and diagonal scales.

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF

Objective: To teach students how to use orthographic projections and projections of simple lines. Students will be able to draw arms of lines that are inclined toward both planes. Orthographic Projections: The importance of reference planes, projections in different quadrants, forecasts, and projections of points, lines parallel to both aircraft, lines inclined to each aircraft, and lines similar to both planes. Projections of straight lines inclined towards both planes, determinations of exact lengths, angles of inclination, and trace.

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF

Objective Students are asked to draw projections of the plane inclined to the aircraft. Projections of planes: regular planes perpendicular/parallel to one reference plane and inclined to the other reference plane; inclined to both the reference planes.

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF

Objective Students are asked to draw projections of various solids at different angles to one or both planes. Points of Solids: Prisms, Pyramids Cones, Cones, and Cylinders with both the planes as the axis.

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Objective To represent an object in 3D through isometric views, the objective is to use The student will be capable of converting the orthographic view from isometric view into an isometric view. Conversion from orthographic views to isometric; Conversion from orthographic views back to isometric. Computer-Aided Design, Drawing practice with Auto CAD, Creating 2D&3D drawings objects using Auto CAD

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF


  • Engineering Drawing by N.D. Butt, Chariot Publications
  • Engineering Drawing by Agarwal & Agarwal Tata McGraw Hill Publishers


  • Engineering Drawing by K.L.Narayana and P. Kannaiah Scitech Publishers
  • K.C. Engineering Graphics for Degree John, PHI Publishers
  • Engineering Graphics by PI Varghese and McGraw-Hill Publishers
  • Engineering Drawing + AutoCAD – K Venugopal V. Prabhu Raja (New Age)


  • The student will be able to see 2D and 3D objects.

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