Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana: Eligibility, Required Documents, and Online Application Process Details

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Hello everyone! Today, we’re here to discuss the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana, a scheme that offers smartphones to women and students. The initial phase of smartphone distribution began on August 10, and now, a more significant second phase is underway.
Even if your name didn’t make it to the first list, you can still receive a smartphone. By registering for the second phase, you can be a part of this initiative. Let’s find out how you can be involved.

Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana Overview

Title Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana Link
Article Category Government Scheme
Scheme Name Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana
Initiated By Shri Ashok Gehlot
For Which State Rajasthan
Objective of Scheme To provide free smartphones to women in the state for scheme-related updates
Beneficiaries Women of Rajasthan and meritorious students
Year 2023
Home Page Click Here
Official Website Click Here

What is Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana?

The Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana is designed to offer free smartphones to women and students who have passed their 10th and 12th-grade exams in Rajasthan. Its initial phase began on August 10, distributing smartphones to numerous students and women. Suppose you’re interested in the upcoming second phase of this initiative. In that case, you can explore the registration process and further details provided below to take advantage of this scheme.


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Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana Objectives:.

The Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana aims to keep all women in Rajasthan informed about the various schemes introduced by the state government. This initiative targets students, girls, and women, providing them with a free smartphone. It focuses on women heading families and aims to inform them about the Sathiya Yojana in the government’s budget announcements. Additionally, it spreads awareness among students and widowed single women regarding welfare schemes introduced by the state government.
Suppose you previously applied for the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana but still need to be selected. In that case, there’s no need to be disheartened. You have another opportunity in the second phase. The entire registration process is detailed below. The scheme primarily aims to provide eligible women with free mobile phones, ensuring everyone has access to detailed information and can benefit from this initiative.

Check Out the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana List for 2023

The initiative, also known as the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana, is a project by the Rajasthan government under the leadership of Ashok Gehlot. Its primary objective is to distribute smartphones to over 13.5 million women across the state. This initiative ensures that women have convenient access to vital information regarding various government programs.
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Eligibility Criteria for Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana

To be eligible for enrollment in this scheme, individuals must meet specific criteria:

  1. Students enrolled in 12th grade in government schools are eligible to apply.
  2. Those pursuing higher education in government institutions like colleges, ITIs, or polytechnics can also enrol.
  3. Widows and unmarried women receiving pensions qualify.
  4. Women who have completed 103 days of service under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act are eligible.
  5. Under the Indira Gandhi Urban Guarantee Scheme, women who have fulfilled 50 days of service in 2022-2023 also meet the eligibility criteria.

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Required Documents for Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana Application

To apply online for the scheme, you’ll need specific documents listed below:

  1. For single or widowed women: Aadhaar card, Jan Aadhaar card, pension’s PPO number, and Pan Card.
  2. Two recent passport-sized photos are clearly displaying your face for identification.
  3. If you have a Pan Card, make sure to bring it. If you still need to, you must fill out an additional form.
  4. Ensure you bring the mobile phone linked to your Jan Aadhaar card.
  5. If you’re under 18 and received an invitation message for the camp, bring along the family head.
  6. For women completing 100 days of work under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme: Aadhaar card, Jan Aadhaar card, and Pan Card.

2023 Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana List: Registration and Distribution Process Explained

The distribution of free mobile phones under the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana has been organized by the District Administration Department through several camps across districts. These camps within the Panchayat Committees will notify you via message for your attendance. Once you receive the message, bring the necessary documents and complete the required form at the camp. The officer present will process the submitted form accordingly.

Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana: How to Check Your Name in the Scheme List

To verify your inclusion in the list:

  1. Begin the official information portal’s website. Once there,
  2. find the option to check the Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana eligibility on the homepage. Enter your 
  3. Aadhaar card number and select the relevant category based on eligibility. Click the Submit button. 

 A woman’s name will be displayed. If deemed eligible, it will be specified in the letter that you qualify for the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Scheme. If ineligible, it will be highlighted in red that you need to meet the criteria for the scheme.

Adding Your Name to the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana List 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

If your name or any woman’s name from your family isn’t listed under the scheme and you’re eligible, you can still enrol. This allows you to receive a free mobile phone hassle-free. To get your name on this list, call the toll-free number provided by the Rajasthan government at 181. Provide information about any issues related to the scheme. Once you’ve provided the necessary details, your name will be included in the scheme.

Locating Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana Camps: How to Find Camp Locations?

If you’re looking to locate the nearest free mobile distribution camp, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. First, visit the official Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana website. You can access this site through the provided link or online search.
  2. Upon reaching the website’s homepage, navigate to the section that helps locate the nearby camps for the scheme.
  3. Fill in the necessary details requested on the website, providing information relevant to your location or area.
  4. Once you’ve completed filling in the required information, click the ‘Submit’ button.
  5. After submission, the website will display the location details of the closest camp conducting the distribution for the scheme.
Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana Second Phase
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